‘How can we Harness Reading Skills to Promote Vocabulary Learning?’ talk

We recently atended a Helen Arkell talk, presented by Dr Jessie Ricketts. She is passionate about her work , and was recently a speaker in a Westminster event about measuring children’s progress in literacy and how this informs teaching. This presentation, ‘How can we Harness Reading Skills to Promote Vocabulary Learning?’ reflected research  completed by […]

Dyslexia Training – OCR Level 5 Diploma

The candidates on this year’s OCR Level 5 Diploma course are now nearly half way through. They are about to start their first teaching practice and are really looking forward to putting the theory into practice. This year’s new venue at Cobham Hall Independent School has proved to be an elegant setting for the sessions, […]

2016 Patoss Annual Conference

On 16 April Laure and Julie attended the PATOSS Annual Conference at Imperial College, London. The keynote address was by Professor Al Galaburda, from Harvard University, and was entitled ‘The Mind/Brain of a Dyslexic: From Genes to Behaviour’. Over two decades the professor has looked at the brains of dyslexics in a multidisciplinary research program […]


Examination Access Arrangements – 4th May

WP Google Maps ErrorIn order for your map to display, please make sure you insert your Google Maps JavaScript API key in the Maps->Settings->Advanced tab. Laure and Lyn are running a session titled ‘Examination Access Arrangements’ on Wednesday 4th May 8.00 – 9.30om at Sir Joseph Williamson’s Mathematical School in Rochester. Topics covered will include: […]

Learning Support Solutions team with John Stein

Wobbles, Warbles & Fish – The Sensorimotor Basis of Dyslexia

On Saturday 27th February, as part of our continuing professional development we took a trip to the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre, near Farnham, for a brilliant talk by Professor John Stein of Magdalen College Oxford. Entitled ‘Wobbles, Warbles & Fish – The Sensorimotor Basis of Dyslexia’, the talk covered the difficulties most dyslexics experience with […]