OCR Level 5 Diploma

OCR Level 5 Diploma in Teaching Learners with Dyslexia /Specific Learning Difficulties – 10218

How can I find out about the course content?

There are 4 units of study. The full unit descriptors can be viewed and downloaded from the OCR’s website, go to www.ocr.org.uk

  • On the home page there is a box ‘Qualifications finder’
  • Type in the ‘OCR Qualification Code’ 10218 then ‘Find’
  • You will be able to view the ‘Datasheet’ and ‘Centre Handbook’ by clicking ‘(2) Key Documents’ and more information on the 4 units of study by clicking ‘(4) units’

What are the aims of the course?

    • To develop candidates’ understanding of specific learning difficulties (dyslexia) affecting learning and cognition.
    • To develop candidates’ understanding of the context of learning and of the national and regional policies which affect SEN policies and provision within their own workplace.
    • To develop candidates’ ability to identify and assess the needs of learners with specific learning difficulties, using observation and evidence-based assessment.
    • To develop candidates’ ability to plan, deliver, review and evaluate effective teaching programmes for learners with specific learning difficulties, both in individual and small group settings.
    • To plan, deliver and evaluate programmes which include both literacy and numeracy, and to understand how difficulties with language and literacy will affect the development of numeracy skills.
    • To develop candidates’ ability to work with others in supporting learners with specific learning difficulties.
    • To develop candidates’ professional values and commitment to professional standards.

Does it count towards any credits?

Yes 42 altogether.

Who is the course for?

‘The target group is likely to include:

    • Classroom teachers and learning support staff in schools
    • Learning support tutors and trainers in FE and/or basic skills training
    • Qualified teachers who work as independent practitioners
    • Learning support tutors in HE institutions
    • Speech and Language Therapists and other health professionals working in an educational setting
    • Chartered/graduate psychologists’ OCR Handbook

What qualifications do I need to study for this course?

‘There are no formal entry requirements for this qualification although candidates are likely to primarily be qualified and practising teachers and other professionals who hold recognised professional qualifications.’ If Teaching Assistants wish to study for this qualification, they must have a good standard of written language and a GCSE in English and mathematics.

When does it take place?

The course will run on a Thursday afternoon, 1.00 – 5.00pm, during term time. The next start date will be in September 2018 for a year. Work would be submitted for final assessment and internal verification at the end of June 2019.

Where does it take place?

Greenvale Infant School, Chatham, Kent ME4 5UH

How much work is involved?

There are 2 teaching practices with associated portfolio work, 3 essays and a selection of other assignments. There are 95 guided learning hours, but a good deal of additional work is carried out during individual study time. Successful candidates are good at managing their time and set aside quality time each week for studying and completing assignments.

Do I have to come every session?

Yes, 100% attendance is expected, however, if there is a serious problem one week, you must let your tutor know as soon as possible.

How will I be supported?

Each candidate will be assigned an individual tutor/assessor who will assess his or her work. The tutor will be available for email contact between sessions. We encourage peer support.

What resources do I need?

Recommended course texts:

Alpha to Omega Pack: Teachers Handbook and Students Book (6th Edition) Hornsby, Shear & Pool Heinemann

Teaching Children with Dyslexia – A practical guide by Philomena Ott        Pub. Routledge (for those working in school)

Making Dyslexia Work for You – A self-help guide by Goodwin & Thomson Pub. David Fulton (for those working with adults)

How much does it cost?

The course fees for the whole year are £2,850, this includes all lectures, tutorials, assessment, internal verification, OCR registration and certification fees.

Is there a flexible payment option?

Course fees can be paid in three instalments to spread the cost across the year. However, we are continually looking for external sources of funding to help individuals pay for the course.

Current Funding Information:

The Bedgebury Foundation will consider applications for grants from Teaching Assistants